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corypha umbraculifera also known as talipot at pamplemousses botanical garden and visitors view527 viewsIt is an interesting thought that our ancestors who had the foresight to plant these majestic palms never saw them blossom. They planted with the foresight to nourish the future generation. In this same way, we should be planting for the next generation; all the while conscious of our responsibility for Mother Earth and the future of our children and their children who will live on long after we have gone.
corypha umbraculifera pamplemousses botanical garden also known as talipot464 viewsThe Talipot Palm has not only a unique living pattern but also many unique features. Since ancient times for instance, its young leaves have been used as paper. As a matter of fact, a large part of the original Buddhist scripture was recorded on Talipot Palm leaves.
corypha umbraculifera pamplemousses botanical garden flower-and sky view also known as talipot637 viewsMany other parts of the plant are useful. Besides being a source for timber and thatch, the leaves of the Talipot Palm can be used for weaving mats, its hard seeds are made into buttons, its trunk contains delicious sago starch, the palm heart is a sought after delicacy. And as if all of that was not enough; the flower stalks contain a sap which is fermented into intoxicating palm wine.
corypha umbraculifera pamplemousses botanical garden flower view also known as talipot304 viewsAccording to botanists, flowering once in a lifetime bears the advantage that the large quantity of fruit produced at once cannot possibly all be eaten or destroyed, thus plenty of new plants will survive and eventually replace the mother plant.
corypha umbraculifera pamplemousses botanical garden front view also known as talipot460 viewsThe Talipot flower consists of more than 20 million tiny yellowish and white blossoms growing on large branches that rise up to 5 metres from the centre of its cluster of fan-shaped leaves growing out of the trunk. The small and round green fruits take almost a year to mature. A flowering Talipot is a rare and majestic sight to see.
corypha umbraculifera pamplemousses botanical garden general view also known as talipot285 viewsThe long process of flowering and growing fruit uses up all the trees food reserves which it had accumulated in its trunk over its long life span. So as the Talipot Palm is monocarpic, which means ?Ǩ?once fruiting?Ǩ, right after the flowering process is over, it dies.
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