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brown sequard statue port louis mauritius421 views
3 star hotel mauritius ambre resort & spa suite room view420 views
4 star hotel preskil beach resort young couple wedding418 views
corypha umbraculifera pamplemousses botanical garden also known as talipot417 viewsThe Talipot Palm has not only a unique living pattern but also many unique features. Since ancient times for instance, its young leaves have been used as paper. As a matter of fact, a large part of the original Buddhist scripture was recorded on Talipot Palm leaves.
wedding on maeva catamaran mauritius grand bay416 views
corypha umbraculifera pamplemousses botanical garden front view also known as talipot415 viewsThe Talipot flower consists of more than 20 million tiny yellowish and white blossoms growing on large branches that rise up to 5 metres from the centre of its cluster of fan-shaped leaves growing out of the trunk. The small and round green fruits take almost a year to mature. A flowering Talipot is a rare and majestic sight to see.
honeymoon and wedding of peter gonzi and jenny mauritius le meridien hotel415 views
tamassa hotel mauritius lady at the bar413 views
art academy show indian high commissions mauritius411 views
tamassa hotel mauritius restaurant409 views
laguna beach hotel and spa mauritius standard room view409 views
4 star hotel le meridien hotel aerial view408 views
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