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4 star hotel paradise cove hotel junior suite209 views
2 star hotel klondike hotel view of bar from the pool186 viewsThe view of the 2*Klondike Hotel bar from the swimming pool. Palm trees and sunbeds are set around the pool. Both the swimming pool and the bar look out onto the beach and sea. The sea side, the swimming pool and the gazebo-like pool bar are the centre of this charming hotel.
luxury beach villa pointe d'esny mauritius ref 163 front view188 viewsLuxury Beach Villa Pointe d'Esny Mauritius Ref 163 general view. Villa Orchidees can be found in the south of Mauritius on the beach of Pointe D?ǨѢEsny. This beautiful beach villa offers all the amenities for your tropical dream vacation.
marigold flower mauritius232 views
4 star hotel ocean beauty hotel room106 views
beach villa patricia mauritius living room107 viewsPatricia Beach Villa living room view. The large living room facing the terrace overlooks the garden and the beach. The living room leads to the dining room.

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Mauritius IslandThe emerald island of Mauritius lies a bit north off the tropic of Capricorn between Reunion island and Rodrigues island, in the Indian Ocean. Embraced by the turquoise waters, surrounded by wonderful whitecoral beaches and protected by a large barrier reef. Its coastal sceneries change with every bend of its roads.Find on this website various images of Mauritius and photo's of hotels and accommodations around the island . It�s ranging mountains with their many streams and rivers bear ancient forests and nature reserves: home of deer, monkeys and wild boar, sanctuaries for rare birds such as the Mauritian kestrel. See also Mauritius Photos of accommodations with several details that you can consult at any time and you can even upload your holidays vacations. We invite you to register yourself here and share with the whole world your top holiday of Mauritius in image!
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Rodrigues IslandThe islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues are similar and yet so different. Situated virtually on the same line of latitude and only some 560 km apart, they both share the same climate. And since both are of volcanic origin, their physical features are very similar too. The main difference is their size. Rodrigues is but a tiny spot, being only 18 km long and 8 km wide. As you will notice when travelling there, the majority of the population is Creole. And due to the fact that their island is geographically far off the beaten track, it remains commercially undeveloped.The small degree of exploitation done so far has not yet been able to dull the lustre of this sparkling jewel, home of people who cherish their traditions, their Sega music and their lifestyle and with a nature, pristine from shore to shore! Rodrigues is easily accessible from
Mauritius by plane or by boat. Our photos of Rodrigues mainly covers the isle itself but also it's accommodation.
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