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4 star hotel la plantation hotel aerial view8187 viewsIn the Northwest coast of Mauritius, near the historical site of Balaclava, lays the Resort and Spa ?Ǩ?La Plantation?Ǩ. With a 1000 m2 of swimming pools, 4000 m2 designed water environment, a river and the Indian Ocean the hotel is almost surrounded by water.
4 star hotel la plantation hotel beach8229 views
4 star hotel la plantation hotel conference room8414 views
4 star hotel la plantation hotel garden5978 views
4 star hotel la plantation hotel pool7963 views
4 star hotel la plantation hotel restaurant9777 views
4 star hotel la plantation hotel room15075 views
4 star la plantation resort amiral restaurant7046 viewsSet alongside the peaceful brook facing the lagoon, the beach restaurant is the relax lunch par excellence.It opens between th 12hr30 and 14hr30 , offers a real sea-side menu which takes its fresh, crisp and braised inspirations from shared similarities between Mediterranean and local creole cusine.
4 star la plantation resort beach view7588 views A white sandy beach as well as a tropical garden with swaying palm trees and exotic flowers bordering the Citron River adds to its unique atmosphere.
4 star la plantation resort colonial bar6172 views
4 star la plantation resort cylo bar5823 views
4 star la plantation resort entertainment5819 viewsThe discovery of the charm of the oriental heritage will awake your senses.The preparation of species and menus from the country of the Maharajahs. Oriental dance initiation and discover the Indian dance/ decor/make up/hairdressing /the tarditions and cultures with films and music.
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