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corypha umbraculifera pamplemousses botanical garden flower-and sky view also known as talipot531 viewsMany other parts of the plant are useful. Besides being a source for timber and thatch, the leaves of the Talipot Palm can be used for weaving mats, its hard seeds are made into buttons, its trunk contains delicious sago starch, the palm heart is a sought after delicacy. And as if all of that was not enough; the flower stalks contain a sap which is fermented into intoxicating palm wine.
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Talipot Palm Tree


Native of tropical Sri Lanka and India where it is widely cultivated, this largest of the fan palm trees grows up to 25 metres of height. It may live as long as 75 years before it flowers and bears fruit, which it does just once in its life. Read more and see more abount the Talipo Palm Tree in the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden Mauritius!

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