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apartment abel mauritius single bedroom view169 viewsAbel Apartment single bedroom. Has a single bed and a bunk bed. The beds have a bedside table.
apartment abel mauritius single room view172 viewsAbel Apartment single bedroom. The room has two beds with a red bedspread on each.
standard apartments trou d?ǨѢeau douce mauritius ref 180 single bedroom151 viewsStandard Apartments Trou D?ǨѢeau Douce Mauritius Ref 180 single bedroom. There is a bunk bed in this room. The room is decorated in pink and red. It has a chair and two fans.
beach villa aigrettes mauritius single bedroom view167 viewsAigrettes Beach Villa single bedroom view. There are two single beds in this room.
beach villa brigitte 3 mauritius single bedroom view133 viewsBrigitte 3 Beach Villa single bedroom. This bedroom is the same as the double bedroom, except it has two single beds.
beach villa diane 1 mauritius single room view159 viewsDiane Beach Villa single bedroom view. Inthis bedroom there is a single bed, a chair, a wardrobe and a dressing table. The room has a view of the garden.
beach villa hibiscus room mauritius single bedroom view156 viewsHibiscus Beach Villa single bedroom. The single room has two single beds as well as a fan.
beach villa jean francois mauritius single room view171 viewsJean Francoise Beach Villa single room. This room, like the master bedroom, is also located on the first floor. It has twin beds with a sea view and is equipped with a fan. The room shares a bathroom with the master bedroom.
luxury beach villa pointe d'esny mauritius ref 163 twin bedroom171 viewsLuxury Beach Villa Pointe d'Esny Mauritius Ref 163 twin bedroom view. This air-conditioned single bedroom is found on the first floor of the villa, has two single bed and overlooks the garden.
beach villa ti millionaire mauritius single bedroom view192 viewsTi Millionaire Beach Villa single bedroom view. This bedroom has twin beds with a garden view and ceiling fan.
budget guesthouse pointe d'esny mauritius ref 165 single room view194 viewsBudget Guesthouse Pointe d'Esny Mauritius Ref 165 single room. Furnished with double bed, a bedside table on either side of the bed, two overhead lamps and a table in the centre of the room. The room is decorated in blue and yellow.
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