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guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius double bedroom view262 viewsView of Les Palmiers Chamarel guesthouse double bedroom. The room has a double bed, a dressing table with a small arrangement of flowers on it, and chair.
guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius double room view160 viewsLes Palmiers Chamarel guesthouse double room view. This room has wooden furniture; double bed, bedside tables with lamps.
guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius front view203 viewsLes Palmiers Chamarel guesthouse is pink in colour. A wooden railed staircase leads upstairs. Outside benches and a table are found under a thatched kiosk which is in the front view of the guesthouse.
guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius general view199 viewsLes Palmiers Chamarel guesthouse general view. The mountain dominates the bakground. Vegetation, trees add to the scenery of the mountaiin. A path winds its way along the mountain. When staying at this farm with its own restaurant, one can help the farmer, Mr. Prem, to harvest local fruits such as bananas or pineapples at his fields up in the mountains. You can also have the opportunity to go hunting with him in nearby forests.
guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius living room view196 viewsLes Palmiers Chamarel guesthouse living room is decorated in brown and white. The sofas are brown in colour and has a flower print and peacock feathers are used as decoration on the coffee table.
guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius mountain view224 viewsLes Palmiers Chamarel GuestHouse has a view over the mountain and river. Vegetation, grass, trees suuround the landscape. Les Palmiers is the perfect place for an ecotourist who wants to discover the depths of nature in Mauritius.
guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius room view418 viewsLes Palmiers Chamarel GuestHouse bedroom view is furnished with a wooden dressing table and cabinet. On the wall are laminated pictures to give decoration to the room.
guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius terrace view293 viewsLes Palmiers Chamarel guesthouse terrace view of the mountain. On the terrace are wooden and iron chairs and a table
guest house les palmiers chamarel mauritius view from balcony250 viewsThe view from Les Palmiers Chamarel guesthouse balcony. Outside the guesthouse there are lots of trees and other vegetation.
lodge lakaz chamarel mauritius balcony view164 viewsLakaz Chamarel balcony view. The balcony overlooks the garden . On the balcony there is cane furniture, a wooden table and floor. The balcony can be closed off from the garden using blinds.
lodge lakaz chamarel mauritius bathroom view260 viewsLakaz Chamarel lodge bathroom view. This is an open shower. There is a tree in the bathroom.
lodge lakaz chamarel mauritius bedroom view145 viewsLakaz Chamarel bedroom view. The room is decorated in blue and white. It has a double bed with a bedside table and lamps on either side, as well as a mosquito net, and a table in the centre of the room as well as a chair.
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