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apartment abel mauritius double bedroom view142 viewsThe Abel apartment double bedroom. Has a wooden double bed with a cream and red bedspread. There is a bedside table on either side of the bed, and two overhead lights.
apartment abel mauritius single room view167 viewsAbel Apartment single bedroom. The room has two beds with a red bedspread on each.
beach villa brigitte 3 mauritius double room view141 viewsBrigitte 3 Beach Villa double bedroom. The room is decorated in blue; a blue bedspread, blue curtains. The bed has a bedside table.
guest house tropicana mauritius bedroom view236 viewsTropicana guesthouse bedroom view. It is a small one bed roomed beach flat. There is a double bed in the room with a bedside table on either side of it and a zebra printed quilt. There is art on the walls of the room.
villa 4 heavens bedroom view396 viewsFour Heavens Villa bedroom view. The room has a double bed with a blue bedspread. There is a bedside table on either side of the bed and each one has a lamp on it.
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